1d ago| Editorial

We applaud the PM’s timely decision

Not only did Murad use sexist, racist and belligerent language unbefitting a public official against Khaleda Zia and her granddaughter in an interview and publicly humiliate a model during an event...

1d ago| Editorial

Inflation chokes lower and middle classes

The unbridled prices of essential commodities, coupled with the fuel price hike, are increasing the woes of people belonging to the low and

1d ago| Editorial

Restore discipline in the banking sector

Throughout the pandemic, banks have been generously waiving loans despite their poor record of recouping funds from defaulters.

2d ago| In Focus

The Christmas the Kolis took to cricket

The year is 1721. There are Indians, many no doubt Bengali, visible on the streets of London, some settled down there, others at a loss, mostly sea-farers off the East India Company ships bringing...

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Mary Frances Dunham: In memoriam

The blood of the farmer is very sweet and everybody wants to taste it;

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Hatiya fishermen working in oman

“We try to stop them, but they want to go. They say that Allah may help them to find a good malik. And so, they go; and we let them go because we need food, because here we don’t have enough.