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Not picked in lottery: Admission of over 50 students uncertain!

Students and their guardians protested for the third consecutive day in front of Savar Adhar Chandra Government High School, demanding admission of the students to sixth grade.

10 questions with Sayera Reza

Popular folk singer Sayera Reza has been captivating the world of music for over three decades now. She released three albums, movie songs, as well as numerous original songs.

Belarus national’s diverse roof garden in Bangladesh

Ala Imran was born in Belarus. She is an architect by profession. She came to Bangladesh in 1994 with her husband Ashik Imran. They started a family in Chattogram. Ala and Ashik established their...

Woven garment exports hit record high in Dec 2021

Bangladesh has ramped up its woven garment exports in recent months. The garments industry exported goods worth USD 1.86 billion in woven garments in December 2021 -- the highest recorded amount....

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Are brokers stealing money meant for the stock market?

Regular investors of the stock market usually buy their shares from brokerage houses. People usually deposit the money in these houses in good faith to place orders to buy shares. But some brokers...

Remittance flow takes a hit in the last quarter of 2021

In November 2021, the flow of remittance saw a decline. A lot of Bangladeshis living abroad are choosing to use illegal channels locally known as “Hundi”. This illegal system has led to a fall in...

Will the country be hit by another wave of coronavirus?

Coronavirus infections are on the wane in the country, as are the death numbers.

Four brave women perform funeral rites of female Covid victims

Four women from Mymensingh have come forward to perform the funeral rites for female Covid-19 deceased -- an altruistic work beyond social stigma and health risk, a work where only male volunteers...

Is importing oxygen enough?

Countrywide oxygen demand has increased 4 to 5 times, and still the health ministry is claiming that Bangladesh is not at risk of oxygen shortage. On the other hand, the director general of the...

Director Afzal Hossain’s first full-length film

Shooting of Maniker Lal Kakra, a docufiction directed by Afzal Hossain, was finished recently in Singair upazila, Manikganj. It is the first full-length film directed by the celebrated actor. The...

148-year-old Kolkata tram still running strong

Carrying a heritage of 148 years, Kolkata’s trams are still going strong. In today’s modern life, the trams connect us to the past and uphold tradition. With the passing of ages, the horse-driven...

Winter cakes in Dhaka

Winter cake or pitha is a long-standing Bangalee tradition. It was an integral part of Nabanna festival (celebration of harvest season's arrival).

How Gazipur's Pubail became ‘Shooting Village’

Pubail union in Gazipur Sadar upazila is widely known as “Shooting Village.”