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Mojaffor Hossain’s All the Sadeqs are getting killed

The most naïve boy of Dhabaldhola village had been murdered. The decapitated body lay on the demarcation line between the Bangari field and the Taro crop-field.

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Poetry by Manu Dash

You thought Time would play thumri while in the outskirts of desire

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Far away from the crowd, ...

CLOSER TO HOME: How the MCU Spider-Man embraced his comic book roots

The film is packed with so many easter eggs that one would need another entire article just to list them all and still miss a few.

The Blighted Garden

I took my leave from the Siraj family, thanking them for their hospitality. I was just a stranger and yet they let me stay with them for weeks.

Kolimoddi Dafadaar

The banks along the river Shitalakshya flooded on a regular basis. During the rainy season, most villages around the area turned into islands.


Memoirs make for an intellectually absorbing reading. They belong to a different genre of literary creativity distinct from the tenor of “autobiography.”

Her Holud- Covered Hands

I’ve seen many hues of yellow. Colorful, gray, unadorned. The pristine bokul podium, the vibrant spring awash with the fragrance of yellowy brilliance, the mournful memory of my adolescent day—the...

Happy Ministry

In the slanting columns   of  the morning sun      on September›s grass, none came for me

The Great Trojan Horse of Our Time

Zahid sat in a tiny room cramped with men. A ventilator was the only source for its occupants to get air from the outer world. The last time he had talked to his father had been at the Istanbul...

Remembering Mohiuddin Ahmed, the founder of UPL

Countless people cross our path as we walk through this temporal life; but only one or two strike us as people with no darkness within. Mohiuddin Ahmed was one of those unique humans. He radiated...

Now As We Live In Two Different Cities

We stopped talking earlier. Yet there was a chance that I’d run into you. There was a chance of seeing you on the Gollamari bridge buying vegetables.