Inside the infamous Kanjozoku car culture

Honda enthusiasts have been racing on elevated highways in Osaka, Japan for a long time. The most famous of these highways was the ‘Kanjo Loop’: an infamous expressway where the roadways connected...

Myth - Turbo timers: How important is it, really?

People are putting turbo timers on turbo cars, non-turbo cars and soon even on household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. But what does it really do?

Oil catch cans keep your engine rock solid

Does an oil catch can work and how?

Myth- Adding an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator will improve performance

AIR + FUEL + IGNITION = MAGIC. If you want to go fast, is increasing one of these a solution? Noob tuners believe upping a few psi of fuel via an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator (FPR...

New Toyota Crown SUV surface in China

Toyotas rumoured Kluger-based Crown replacement makes its unofficial public debut.

Hyundai celebrate its past with this one-off EV Concept

Hyundai's new one-off concept is an ode to their past.

Newly refreshed BMW 5 series launched

Executive Motors Limited has launched the facelifted BMW 5 series in Bangladesh at their showroom on February 16, 2020. Life Cycle Impulse or LCI is the terminology BMW assigns to their mid-cycle...

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Why hasn't the Pahartali Baddhyabhumi been preserved after 50 years?

During the War of Liberation in 1971, countless people were massacred at a Pahartali site in Chattogram. A witness to this genocide for the last 50 years, the Baddhyabhumi has received no...

HotWheels — Best of 2019

HotWheels — Best of 2019

MiniGT Honda Civic Type R FK8

Malaysia, despite being car crazy and sporting a healthy tuner lifestyle, is surprisingly low on the scale of places where you can pick up a good die-cast. I did manage, though, and walked away...

1:18 McLaren F1 GTR by UT Models

Every generation has their decade specific car for the bedroom wall poster. The 80s favoured the Countach with a plethora of bikini clad women. The 90s saw the real king of hypercars emerge: the...