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Gender-based harassment and violence: Prevention requires coordinated initiatives

Gender Platform Bangladesh in association with The Daily Star organised a roundtable titled ‘Gender-based harassment and violence: Prevention requires coordinated initiatives’ on December 29, 2021....

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In Pursuit of Resurgence

In this session, speakers focused on how businesses can properly address ongoing and future crises to achieve sustainability, and how organisational leaders could rise to the occasion with...

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Skill building of Rohingya and host community adolescents and youth: Opportunities and challenges

Because the Population Council is a relatively new organisation working in humanitarian settings and in Cox’s Bazar, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the Council. Population...

Towards a Covid-resilient disability inclusive labour market

BBDN is a non-profit trust established by the BEF to create a disability-inclusive labour market system in Bangladesh.

Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples in Sustainable Development and Realisation of Rights

Indigenous people generally follow the custom of communal ownership of land. Therefore, their land was not registered during the British colonial period.

Adopt a whole-of-society approach to ensure sustainable development

A whole-of-society approach should be adopted by both government and non-government bodies, including volunteer organisations and the private sector, to ensure sustainable development in Bangladesh...

Engage more young people in CSR

Speakers at an online discussion recommended that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives should engage local youth organisations by providing them with the opportunity to access CSR...

Prioritise local organisations to make CSR programmes sustainable

Speakers at an online discussion recommended Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives reaching marginalised communities that need such funding the most. A key factor would be to leverage...

Post COVID Cottage, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises: Youth and Women Responsive Strategy

CMSMEs play a key role in Bangladesh’s economy, particularly in the area of employment generation.

Strengthened Civil Society Protects and Promotes Women’s Rights

There are various factors contributing to this increase in domestic violence and child marriage; one of them being the loss of income in most families which has caused a state of uncertainty for...

Sector-Wide Impact Assessment on Coastal Small Fishers

This was a 31-month action research project. The Danish Institute of Human Rights (DIHR) invited us to collaborate with them in implementing a project on sustainable oceans.

Promoting Safe Migration for the Women of Bangladesh

In 2016, there was a rise in the migration of female workers due to an agreement between Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh which stated that if Bangladesh allowed female workers to work in Saudi Arabia,