Today's Gallery (2021.11.16)

A priest, or “Khamal” of the Garo tribe, conducting the Wangala puja, a thanksgiving festival for harvest, at a temple in Sreemangal’s Moulvibazar yesterday afternoon. Music, dance and spiritual offerings were performed in the puja in the presence of around 1,000 people. PHOTO: MINTU DESHWARA
As winter sets in, the sale of warm clothes has shot up across the country. In this photo taken yesterday morning, a woman, holding her child, is seen trying to choose at a roadside shop selling such clothes in the capital’s Beribadh area. Photo: Anisur Rahman
Nari Mukti Kendra, a women’s rights organisation, held a protest rally in front of the Lady Justice sculpture of the High Court yesterday, demanding the quashing of sections 155(4) and 146(3) of the Evidence Act, which question the character of litigants in rape cases. PHOTO: PRABIR DAS
A constable pulls a rope, with its other side tied to a pole of the central reservation of Bangabandhu Avenue, to stop traffic on one side of the busy street. He said they started using this method after struggling to stop vehicles, especially motorcycles, from dodging traffic signal. The photo was taken yesterday. Photo: Prabir Das
After the last couple of days’ light rainfall, the mercury has dropped across the capital, hinting at the first signs of winter. At Buriganga river, fog shrouded the skyline for a large part of the morning yesterday, making life a tad bit difficult for the vehicles that ply on it. Photo: Anisur Rahman