BAIUST law students visit Rohingya camps

A group of law students from the Bangladesh Army International University of Science & Technology (BAIUST) have recently visited one of the world’s largest refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar.

Singing the same tune: Ending violence against women now

Nina Goswami (NG): In the past years, the government has appeared proactive as a response to many incidents of violence and mass reactions to the same.

The nuances of confessional statement made by a child

In a landmark judgment in Anis Miah v State, Criminal Appeal No. 6799 of 2011, a full bench of the High Court Division (HCD) deliberated on the “legal implication of confession made under section...

Protecting trade secrets while franchising a business

Franchising can be a good model to expand a business of the franchisor by granting license to franchisees. Generally, this gives a franchisee an access to use the knowledge, processes, ‘know-hows’...


Resolving disputes without involving the court

Mediation is one of the alternative ways of dispute settlement without taking resort to legal actions, whereby the parties select their mediator(s) and resolve disputes maintaining utmost...

Bangladesh Bank’s rules of export documents require an amendment

The open account trade means international trade against contract without any Letter of Credit (LC), which is mostly common in developed countries. Bangladesh was far behind from the open account...

Draft Air Pollution Control Rules

The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change recently shared the draft of the Air Pollution Control Rules, 2021. The Rules have

Clean feed TV channel ends unfair competition

Clean feed refers to TV feed without any extra on-screen digital graphics or text in their broadcasts. Section 19(13) of the Cable Television Network Management Act 2006 prohibits the transmission...

Right to privacy in the digital age

The topic of maintaining privacy over the internet has garnered attention after a writ petition was filed on August 25 this year, seeking

Bangladesh needs rules on odourised LPG

The explosion at Moghbazar at a mosque in Narayanganj and numerous incidents of fire and explosions at home and other establishments have given rise to concerns about the use of different gases.

Understanding the gratuity scheme

I work in the Human Resource Department of a reputed multinational company. I am not very sure about the gratuity scheme and associated income tax benefits, as I hear different opinions from within...

Consumer redress in e-commerce transactions

Digital commerce platform Evaly was noted amongst customers for its frequent, and generous discounts and cashback offers. However, complaints eventually started piling up regarding delay in...