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Lockdown will ruin company culture, Mamun from HR warns govt

“There’s no way I’m going to let these people go back home again,” Mamun from HR murmured. “What will happen to the company’s synergy, dynamism and disruption, if there is no one to synergise,...

Pandemic-era marriages invalid if reception not held by Feb ’22

The marriage certificates of those who tied the knot in the past two years will not be valid unless the couples hold a reception by February 28, 2022, the Lok Ki Bolbe division of the Chapasthan...

Fare solution for air pollution?

Dhoka, the highly developed city of Chapasthan, has yet again been ranked second in the list of most polluted cities of the world.  

I was testing digital security, says state minister after his obscene tirade leaked

Following an uproar about how a person in government could say the vilest things known to man in a phone recording, Murad Ghapla, the former state minister for monitoring free speech, has said that...

Sabre-toothed tiger claws into cricket board ‘purrsident’

Over the years, a culmination of the effects of climate change has melted the permafrost and brought out ancient microbes, deadly viruses and what not.

Ex-poor people start appointing accountants after becoming filthy rich overnight

The per capita income of Chapasthan has reached a new soaring milestone yet again. On the occasion, the country’s emperor recently said, “Unbeknownst to us, with each passing night, the people of...

Bangladesh frontrunners for next time, says a coach; India guaranteed place in 2022 final

The T20 World Cup has taken the world by a storm in a teacup, setting tongues wagging as some return with tails distinctly unwagging and tucked between their legs, while others shoot upwards and...

Facebook’s global outage creates new poor: The influencer class

Facebook’s global outage has created a new kind of poor, the influencer class. 

Bombshell reporting shows rich and powerful are corrupt, and nobody cares

The Investigative Consortium of International Journalists (ICIJ) recently shocked other journalists by revealing that powerful politicians and top executives around the world have been hiding their...

All international indexes are conspiracies: Minister

Chapasthan has landed at the bottom of yet another international index, but the country’s top officials, like every other time, are not convinced by the report.