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A defining moment in history

Fifty years ago, on this very day, India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi announced her government’s decision to formally accord recognition to Bangladesh as a sovereign and an independent state.

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To end gendered violence, we must look beyond the binary lens

We find ourselves at the outro to yet another year, and the world has to keep reminding itself, like a broken record, that all of this violence against women must stop.

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Refusing to Conform in Digital Spaces

Shoshi (not her real name) runs an online business on Facebook. This means having to deal with unwanted messages from men on a regular basis.

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It’s time to talk about sustainability and finance in RMG sector

One thing that our industry people appear to be the best at is explaining, often in great detail, the problems and challenges that we face.

The digitalisation of our birth

“Do you know that you cannot die without being born first?”

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No more citizens, we are now netizens

When a fish gets caught in a net, it curses its luck and tries to free itself from the mesh.

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Is Bangladesh at risk of falling into the Chinese debt trap?

Bangladesh, the second highest recipient of China’s investment in South Asia after Pakistan, imports the highest volume of goods from China, making the country Bangladesh’s largest trading partner.

For communal violence, the burden of guilt falls on the majority too

My dearest Hindu sisters and brothers, I am overcome with grief, outrage and shame as I write to you.

Bangladesh’s geopolitical position provides for unique opportunities

Born during the height of the Cold War, Bangladesh is a nation state that is uniquely embroiled in the machinations of geopolitics.

‘There can be no excuse for not formulating the EC law’

Dr Badiul Alam Majumdar is global vice-president and country director, The Hunger Project, and secretary of Sushashoner Jonno Nagorik (Shujan). In this interview with Eresh Omar Jamal of The Daily...

Why is the dream for fair wage and work safety still so distant?

What are the risks associated with workers’ protests in modern-day Bangladesh? When workers take to the streets, what sort of treatment should they expect to receive?