2d ago| Editorial

We must tackle learning loss head-on

One of the areas most severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic is our education sector. It is one where the consequences may not be

2d ago| Editorial

Instigators of violence must be brought to justice

We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the most recent attack on the Hindu community in Boro Karimpur, a fishing village in Pirganj upazila, Rangpur. Since October 13, religious zealots have...

3d ago| Editorial

Development should be inclusive

Amid all the development that Bangladesh has been witnessing of late, it may be hard to believe that there are still villages where people are

1w ago| In Focus

SM Sultan: An early portrait

These are the facts of Sultan’s life that have significance for the study of his paintings. He spent his boyhood in the villages of Bengal.

2w ago| In Focus

Syud Hossain and his times

Scion of an illustrious family, Syud Hossain was born in Armanitola, Dhaka in 1888. His great great grandfather was Mir Ashraf Ali, whose great grandson,

3w ago| In Focus

Legacy of the Kumar of Bhawal

Prior to the abolition of Zamindari in East Bengal (Bangladesh) in accordance with the ‘East Bengal State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950’, the Bhawal zamindar estate was the second largest...