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The Guitar Idols of the New Generation

Their innovated playstyles are inspiring the new generation.

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School Laboratories Under the Microscope

Students often face problems while acquiring essential lab skills.

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The Aftermath of Getting Bullied

The after-effects may linger for years to come.



It was 7:40, and he’s been waiting on the other side of the glass, waiting for a certain routine to fall into place, a disassembled camera long forgotten on the counter: a minute till his father...

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Engineering Student Gives Up 14 Minutes into New Semester

He reportedly gave up 14 minutes into the first Physics lecture.

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Why Gatekeeping in Football Helps No One

Some people think new fans should be authenticated to experience football.

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Can We Do More for Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a cultural push that is necessary going into the future.

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Working from Home or Office?

What works better for us?

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Where is My Last Day of School?

For those robbed of the experience of a distinct "last day of school."