2h ago| Satireday

Country in disbelief after 3,718th episode of majority-on-minority violence

As is tradition, Chapasthan witnessed yet another spate of violence perpetrated by the majority on the minority in the past couple of days, triggering the country’s authorities and experts to...

2h ago| Satireday

Tigers scale another peak: Beating teams with professional, non-cricketing experience

Faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, the Tigers came out trumps and made it through to the Super 12 stage of the T20 World Cup.

1w ago| Satireday

After Squid Game, real-life Ilish Game grips nation

For weeks, the Squid Game has been the most watched show on Netflix in the country, and the wildly popular South Korean series has birthed an actual game called Ilish Game in the riverine country.  

2w ago| Entertainment

Bombshell reporting shows rich and powerful are corrupt, and nobody cares

The Investigative Consortium of International Journalists (ICIJ) recently shocked other journalists by revealing that powerful politicians and top executives around the world have been hiding their...

2w ago| Satireday

All international indexes are conspiracies: Minister

Chapasthan has landed at the bottom of yet another international index, but the country’s top officials, like every other time, are not convinced by the report. 

2w ago| Satireday

FB, Insta, Whatsapp crashed because they don’t pay VAT: Minister

Misinformation Minister ATM Meghla Banik claimed on Wednesday that Facebook crashed because they don’t pay VAT on time, or at all.

4w ago| Satireday

E eager to distance itself from commerce in Bangladesh

The English letter, E, has been traumatised -- much like humans -- by its association with internet commerce in Bangladesh.  

4w ago| Satireday

Destroy the E-cigarette market, says chief wealth officer

In a recent announcement the Ministry of Wealthfare announced that they were going to come down hard with a ban on e-cigarettes. This was in conjunction with their plans to create a tobacco-free...

Vaccine registration builds antibodies: Study

In a revolutionary new study conducted last week – meaning it started and ended last week, the rpm was off the charts, experts say – by Chapasthan scientists offers the potential to solve all...

2d ago| News Multimedia

Kushtia Medical College Hospital incomplete after 9 years

The three-year project to build Kushtia Medical College Hospital has remained incomplete after nine years. Only 60 percent of the project has been completed while its cost has increased by Tk 407...

Notorious e-commerce platform brings in ‘foreign investments’

Last Friday, renowned business guru and founder of E-Gorge, Bruhssel Bromad, announced to thousands of his followers and fanboys through his Facebook live stream that E-Gorge had finally procured...

Tali-Ban ready to deploy peacekeepers in Southeast Asian countries plagued by US bullying

In support of allies China, a spokesperson of Tali-ban -- a religious organisation which shoots on site anyone who is seen clapping in joy --- on Thursday has declared that the group is ready to...

The other keeper feels ghosted like a middle child

Following the head coach’s decision to split the wicketkeeping duties for the ongoing unilaterally-confidence-booster five-match T20I against the team whose neighbour got thumped 4-1 of late, every...