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Hate corporate training programs? There’s a way out

Corporate training programs are designed and executed for the sole purpose of the professional development of employees. The lessons learnt from the sessions are expected to be applied in their...

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Four strategies to facilitate learning at jobs

The world has seen unprecedented changes in the adoption of different workplace policies quite recently, making learning at jobs imperative for all.

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Looking for team collaboration apps? Here are our top picks

From making sure everyone in the company is on the same page, to keep things organised to enhance productivity, having good team collaboration apps is a must for any company that values efficiency.

Career paths for Mechanical Engineering students

Mechanical Engineering is the category of engineering that combines physics phenomena with materials to analyse problems, develop, design, manufacture and investigate faults in machines.

Essential skills for budding researchers

Many people are interested in research and it is not uncommon for young people, especially recent graduates, to join think tanks or research centres to try their luck at expanding the frontier of...

How students can make the most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn exposes students to networking or guidance opportunities, relevant knowledge about their fields, resources, and career options for the future. Here’s how students can get the most out of...

Facebook Journalism Project and Reuters launch digital journalism course in Bangladesh

The Facebook Journalism Project and Reuters have partnered to launch an online training program, Reuters Digital Journalism Course. The program aims to support journalists in nine countries across...

The hustle culture is a lie, here’s why

Like many health professionals, studies, and others have already, we are here to tell you that the hustle culture is a lie. Hard work is necessary, but overworking yourself to the point where you...

Bangladeshi origin Imran Khan becomes the Chairman of Aleph Holding

Aleph Holding, a global partner to the world’s biggest digital media players, has announced that renowned technology investor and entrepreneur Imran Khan is joining as the board’s chairman.

My journey to success began when a homeless person saved my life

Ed JC Smith owes his life to a stranger who stepped in at the last moment to save a teenage boy from ending his life. Ed has built one of the most successful coaching businesses in the world. He is...

Four Bangladeshi startups among Accelerating Asia’s 11 high-potential startups

Four Bangladeshi startups among Accelerating Asia’s 11 high-potential startups

Five Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Marketing in a Post-Covid World 

Let’s be honest for a second. Not many people thought the Covid-19 pandemic was going to hit us as badly as it did. Most of us thought it would go away sooner rather than later and that lockdown...